Monthly Archives: March 2005

Act 2: Emerging on the Margins

< %image(20050330-church outside.jpg|85|124|church outside)%> Continuing my Back Blog: In light of the latest shots the Baptist Press has been taking at the Emerging Church (calling it a “Threat to the Gospel.” Take note of the one-sided view of the article!), the poorly researched critiques from prominent evangelical theologians, and some personal cheap shots that have been dished out at emergent theologians, I have caught myself fuming with anger and frustration.

I have simultaneously been reading up on liberation theology, a movement that reads scripture in light of oppression, poverty, and the margins of society. The other night these two concepts fused together in my mind . . .

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Back Blog

< %image(20050329-aleve 2.jpg|92|92|aleve)%> I’m sure the pun has been used before, but it works for now. A trip to Lancaster, PA and the Easter holiday have kept my fingers off the keyboard, yet my mind has been buzzing with ideas. Here’s a the beginning of some mini-blogs that all seem to hit on the theme of anger. Act one (for all of you “This American Life” Fans) “Self-Help Jesus.”
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Voicemail and Pepper Spray

<%image(20050324-pepper spray (2).jpg|102|141|pepper spray)%>It doesn’t really matter to me if this really happened or not. Whether or not someone made this up, it’s a riot. Click this link to listen to a hilarious voicemail message.

Waxing Eloquent

< %image(20050323-get fuzzy (3).jpg|425|170|get fuzzy)%>
After 4 years of living in a dorm room without the benefit of candles I have discovered that I really dig a quiet night at home with no more illumination than a few candles. Of particular mention is a big 4-wick, Wal-Mart special candle on top of our movable dishwasher in the kitchen. It has a green tea scent and adds a nice effect to the kitchen. Alas last night the green tea candle met its demise.

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The Excommunication of Paul

I’ve had some thoughts stewing lately and have finally gotten them down in the form of a satire. Though I don’t want to give away the punch line, perhaps you can read the article by David Dockery after the fact and find out what I’m responding to. I plan on submitting the piece below to an online site, so please do not distribute it. I hope that this article stirs your mind and emotions while giving you a good chuckle.

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Give Me A “G”!

<%image(20050322-gmail.gif|143|59|gmail)%> Thanks to my friend J. R. Briggs I am now free from the bondage known as hotmail. That’s right, I am the proud owner of a gmail account. 1000 MB’s of storage and it actually saves your sent messages. Are you taking notes on this hotmail? Though we still belong to the bumbling dinosaur known as hotmail, you can also e-mail us at our sparkling new address: julieanded (@) gmail (dot) com. I may stay online for a few hours just to watch an e-mail plunge into my deep well of MB storage. . .

A Likable Link

I can take no credit whatsoever for this first of all. On the site of Andrew Jones I found one of the finest links ever. It is a site by Mike Morrell and his roommate from college. They have ammassed an incredible colleciton of links that cover just about every topic related to Christianity. Whether you’re after Bible study materials, blogs, etc. they will simply blow you away. I’m particularly interested in all of their sites related to church history, but that’s just me.