Waxing Eloquent

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After 4 years of living in a dorm room without the benefit of candles I have discovered that I really dig a quiet night at home with no more illumination than a few candles. Of particular mention is a big 4-wick, Wal-Mart special candle on top of our movable dishwasher in the kitchen. It has a green tea scent and adds a nice effect to the kitchen. Alas last night the green tea candle met its demise.

While I was typing away in the other room for hours on end, the candle sprung a leak in the bottom and spilled wax everywhere. One of the primary casualties in this was the torn off pages of our Get Fuzzy Page-a-Day calendar. They were sopping wet in green wax.

Caught up and encased in the flow was a brush, my car keys, some bills, and our trash can that was next to the dishwasher. The wax covered the top of our dishwasher and poured down in neat green little threads that dried and looked like spaghetti.

At the base of the dishwasher was an enormous mound of hot green wax. It took a little bit of time to clean it up, but our kitchen sure smelled great. If you hear about another Wal-Mart special on big candles, let me know. I need a new one.