Monthly Archives: April 2005

A New Kind of Evangelism

In an e-mail correspondence with a former Prof. from Taylor University, my prof. shared the following:

“My wife and I are strongly committed to the belief that building families and raising kids in the faith is the first and foremost task of the Great Commission. What is popularly known as “evangelism” is secondary or tertiary at best. This is where we can learn something from Roman Catholics.”

Very though-provoking . . .

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My Slice of the Green Mountains

<%image(20050430-green mountain.jpg|145|94|green mts.)%> Jules and I scoped out our rental home in the Green Mountains and it looks like a winner. Hard wood floors, a bright and wonderful bedroom on the second floor, and mountains towering all around. We can’t wait for the move in June!

Divine Hours

<%image(20050429-divhrs_sm.jpg|66|100|hours)%> I found a great web site called explore faith where you can find the divine hours, a daily prayer guide that was put together by Phyllis Tickle. I have been praying through it today with my class and it has been immensely helpful, encouraging, and life-giving. God’s Spirit really has been working through the scripture and the prayers. I encourage you to check it out. It’s well worth the visit.

Back on the List

Nate’s blog is now back and up to date. He’s been posting up a storm lately. They are deep posts with some humor mixed in. He was put on blogger probation a few weeks ago when I pulled his link off this site. I figured that he had discontinued his sojourn in the blogosphere. Last weekend he told me that he’s online again and I promised to put him back on the list. Check sacred scarred out today. I particularly enjoyed his post about staying up late with his wife. It’s almost “Seinfeld-esque.”

Corny Jokes and The Gospel

“I’ve never seen so many people at a train stop all on the cell phone . . . what were they doing, calling each other???” Ah, the corny joke. I relish in corny jokes. I could tell corny jokes with my father-in-law all night. I’ve always thought that my jokes were dumb. But now I know that they’re a different kind of dumb. They’re corny. And that little corny joke about the cell phones was how I struck up a conversation with a lady on the train back from Philly (the most depressing place on earth!).

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Philly’s Number One?!?!

< %image(20050426-philadelphia.jpg|313|160|philly)%> Going onto msn this morning I noticed a picture on the home page that looked curiously like Philadelphia, my birthplace and the home of water ice, cheese steaks, scrapple, and pessimistic sports fans.

And then I noticed the caption, “Is Your Town Down?” Uh, oh, I think I know what’s coming. It turns out that in a survey of the happiest and most depressed cities, Philadelphia came out on top, # 1 that is, in the depression category.

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