Thanks to wireless technology my residence in the blogosphere has now been advanced into the seminary classroom. The discussion concerns the possibility of multiple meanings in scripture. The NT seems to clearly state this, as Jesus says that all of scripture is pointing toward him. This would seem to add at least another meaning to scripture. Does the possibility of multiple meanings in scripture open up a can of worms that we want to avoid?

The thesis under consideration is:
Thesis 4
Texts of scripture do not have a single meaning limited to the intent of the original author. In accord with Jewish and Christian traditions, we affirm that Scripture has multiple complex senses given by God, the author of the whole drama.

Part of our class discussion led to the comment:
“Additional meanings do not contradict or get rid of the original author. Additional meanings expand the intent of the author. The Bible can have multiple senses that are not contradictory. “

It’s a good discussion. Any thoughts on this? (and yes I’m leaving a lot of details out of this post to see what you think!)

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  1. John

    You want to talk about different meanings for scripture, try this verse. John 6:63," The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life". This explanation comes after the crowds are offended by Jesus saying they had to eat his body and drink his blood. Jesus was speaking on an entirely different level than his hearers.

    He says that these words were meant to give life. If taken on an intelectual level, they caused offence. If understood on a spiritual level, they gave life. Peter got it. He said that only Jesus had the ‘words of eternal life’. Peter wasn’t taking these words as an intelectual teaching. He was receiving them into his spirit. He recognized that life was being released in his spirit through Jesus’ words.

    Is it possible that these words were carrying the same power that the word of God released in Genesis? Words with life-giving, creative power. I think that there is a place to read the scripture with the intent to receive life. A God encounter. "Eat" his words like bread and receive his life.

    How many Bible passages do people argue about, when all the Holy Spirit wants us to do is receive the life of the word in that passage? The words are spirit.

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