Hitting For the Sin Cycle

<%image(20050415-baseball diamond.jpg|135|101|baseball)%> Baseball has something called “hitting the cycle.” It’s when a batter hits a single, double, triple, and a home run all in one game. Hitting the cycle is very rare, perhaps happening far less than the coveted “hat trick” of hockey. Though sin is nothing that is rare among people, even Christians, I think we’re hitting for the cycle in the latest controversey involving Hank Hannegraf.

Here’s my read of the situation, which I admit may be off. I think there’s more than enough sin going around here:

Single: Hank does something inappropriate with his ministry’s funds. ECFA either winks or misses it completely.

Double: Blogger calls him on it, but probably didn’t handle it in the best way possible.

Triple: Hank sues the blogger, handily forgetting a certain Bible passage about Christians litigating against one another or at least assuming that this blogger must be outside the Kingdom if he’s attacking “The Bible Answer Man” (if you want to strain out the gant that is).

Home Run: Christians all over blogdom, the media, and the church self-righteously condemn one or both sides of the issue.

Pondering this last night, I’ve been looking for the high road in all of this. How can we keep pushing toward Jesus? It’s so easy get off track.