Keeping the Maine thing the main thing…

<%image(20050419-PICT0491 (2).jpg|120|90|)%>My wife and I just got back from a much needed solace in the cold regions of Northern Maine (Rockwood to be exact). We were amazed at how much we’ve both been reacting to circumstance(Tyrrany of the Urgent), and how little we changed our daily lives to meet the important changes the Lord has brought our way. Being the proud parents of two young kids, it has been so easy for us to get frusterated at the time required to tend to needy infants rather than cherish the special lives God has entrusted us with.

And yet, how quick I was to fill every waking hour with something work related or otherwise. I think sometimes I can fall into the trap of seeking the Will of God rather than just acknowledging the mainifest will that He has placed before me. A quote that I like and try to have it effect my life is:

“A noble life is the sum of many ordinary days well spent.”

I pray that the changes Jamie and I made to our schedules, budgets, and attitudes will allow us live more fully in the present, serving the people that God has placed in our life.