A New Kind of Evangelism

In an e-mail correspondence with a former Prof. from Taylor University, my prof. shared the following:

“My wife and I are strongly committed to the belief that building families and raising kids in the faith is the first and foremost task of the Great Commission. What is popularly known as “evangelism” is secondary or tertiary at best. This is where we can learn something from Roman Catholics.”

Very though-provoking . . .

This seems to point to the fact that our primary ministry is to our family. I think that I still feel a lingering sense of guilt when spending time hiking with my wife on the weekends instead of going to a homeless shelter or something dramatic. Yet, the simple truth is that while we’re in grad school we need time together and the weekend is all we’ve got. I think how we spend our time may change over time, but my prof.’s new version of evangelism (that does NOT exclude other ways of sharing the Gospel) is very freeing and in line with the liberty that God wants us to live under his rule.

2 thoughts on “A New Kind of Evangelism

  1. nate hulfish

    Can i ask which prof? I always appreciate it when profs that we had hold unexpected views on "traditional" topics – I often wish they had been a little more transparent on such issues while we were in the classroom. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions. Maybe I didn’t know how.

  2. Ed Post author

    It was Jim Spiegel. He now has three kids, all or whom still come into class with his wife bearing cookies. It’s his way of upholding the value of family with students.

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