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What Charlie Said

Check out the the lyrics to this great hymn by Charles Wesley:

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus
Come, thou long-expected Jesus, Born to set thy people free; From our fears and sins release us; Let us find our rest in thee. Born your people to deliver, Born a child and yet a King, Born to reigh in us forever, Now your gracious kingdom bring. By your own eternal Spirit Rule in all our hearts alone; By your all-sufficient merit Raise us to your glorious throne.
Charles Wesley (aka Charlie)


< %image(20050531-salute.jpg|100|150|salute)%> Watching the veterans walk down the streets of Doylestown lined with spectators for veteran’s day I was overcome with emotion. After the marching band made its journey down the street with there glitz and catchy tunes, a small group of ordinary looking men walked up as if strolling in the park. They all had some form of identification. Any applause that had been given to previous groups was now eclipsed by the cheers and clapping that welcomed these men. The moment snuck up on me and overcame me like a wave that smacks you when surfacing for air.

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< %image(20050530-amazon box.jpg|113|86|box)%> The inevitable part of every move is packaging everything you own into boxes. We currently have boxes piled up in several corners and along most of the available wall space. Most of our book cases have been disassembled and the literary contents thereof tucked away in liquor boxes (boy did we have to drink A LOT to empty those boxes!!!). In putting so much of our stuff away while continuing to live without a deep sense of deprivation, it sure makes me wonder if I need all that I call “my stuff”.

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The Rhymezone Supreme Name Finals

< %image(20050527-images.jpg|99|130|trophy)%> As recent converts to the Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser, Julie and I have found that we can easily waste large quantities of time doing inane searches with the various search engines that you can add to the top of your browser screen. The bait to draw Julie in was the google search for a disc golf course in the Bennington Vermont area that landed us at the professional disc golf association site. We happily found one right in Bennington and several others within an hour or two. yet the real time waster was a funky little site called

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Deep Ecclesiology

Andrew Jones provides the skinny on a relatively new term, “Deep Ecclesiology,” that he’s been using since early on this millenium. It has been passed around in emerging and missional church circles, especially in the latest work by Brian McLaren The Last Word and The Word After That. In reading McLaren’s book I should have suspected that he was behind some of the thinking. “Dr. Jones I presume?”

Fragmentation in Suburbia

If I had to pick an ideal place to live, the utmost of utopia’s, it would have to be a moderately sized town with a decent town center (with several coffee shops, one book store with a coffee shop, and a used book store with low prices and optional coffee shop) and homes that are within walking distance of most parts of town so as to afford the residents the ability to walk to most of the places they need to go. Sadly I think about 1% of America has this lay out.

< %image(20050526-harvard design.gif|139|177|harvard design mag)%> A book that critiques the disconnected nature of many American cities and suburbs is Harvard Design Magazine. There actually are people out there who think that our towns and cities have been designed poorly and there are viable options for new forms of urban planning. In addition, those design ideas have some pretty far-reaching implications for building community and being salt and light.

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