Stymied By Selection

<%image(20050504-peculiar people.jpg|57|90|peculiar)%> <%image(20050504-nextreformation.jpg|60|90|next ref)%> These are just a few of the books laying about the house this week. I’m home alone, free time abounds, and there is no shortage of good books to read. But my problem, which I sometimes attribute to my hyper-consumptive Americanisms, is that I overwhelm myself with too many GOOD things to do.

I passed on disc golf today in order to go for a walk in town, read parts of a few books in Starbucks, and then to lounge at home with the computer. Yet the books are here, all of equal appeal and all equally daunting. None have yet to suck me in, but all hold great promise should I plumb their depths.

Well, whatever, I guess just going to bed isn’t a bad option either!

2 thoughts on “Stymied By Selection

  1. justin nygren

    You can read a few of my thoughts on Carl’s book over at my blog. http://tribalicious.squares… If you can’t find them just browsing aroun, you can do a google on raschke and nygren. That should get you there. Carl was part of our community and we still take time to connect when time allows. Very interesting book.

  2. Ed Post author

    I enjoyed your blog but could not track down any posts on Carl and his book. Any links would be great. thanks

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