What I need . . .

I’m in a needy time in my life. Julie and I are planning to move to Vermont in June and could really use a little extra cash, jobs in the Green Mt. State, and a smooth transition. My Step-Mom is recovering from a major operation that removed a cancerous tumor for mher stomach, so I’ve also been asking a lot of God on her behalf. In addition, I am working on a project that is bigger than my wildest dreams. I get overwhelmed often and add this project to my stack of needs. In praying the divine hours last night, I was struck by the first line of the one of the Psalms: “It is good to praise the Lord . . .”

Praise? Praise the Lord? I’m not even sure if I know how to do that!!!

It struck me that I have been asking quite a bit of God lately. Of course he’s ominpotent and all that, but he must be a bit tired of my whining, begging, pleading, asking. In fact, I am so wrapped up in asking, that it has taken me a while to figure out some things that I can praise God for. Ouch, that has to hurt (God I mean).

Working at the church office, we get lots of people asking for things. Many are regulars, coming in for a bag of food, asking for one more night’s rent, both of us knowing that there is no viable long term plan in sight. I grow frustrated and weary of these people who are just using the system to maintain their lifestyle. They have no intention of changing, don’t want any help beyond a check or a bag of food, and don’t mind if nothing ever changes. I look at them, look at myself, bow my head: guilty as charged.

I pray that today would be a day of praise, walking in faith that God knows about my needs and is truly interested in transforming lives and advancing his kingdom.

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  1. Alta Ludlam

    I know what you mean. I often find myself coming to God begging and pleading for one thing or another. I feel like a pauper and he’s Santa Claus. I hate that whining tone and when I hear it I know I’m not praying out of faith so I just switch gears and pray out of the faith that he’s already given me. It’s just a reminder that I’m praying out of doubt or unbelief. Then he reminds me that I”m his child and he’s the big daddy and some of the things I ask for I just have to leave in his lap and trust him.

    Lately he’s been reminding me of my inheritance in him. I’ve been impacted from this thought I read in an article by Elnena Gonzalez called, "Are you born again or just saved?"
    She says, "I want to first deal with the word inherit. The carnal mind is a sly and slippery thing. We all know that in the natural you inherit something when a loved one dies if he included you in his will. The death that triggers the inheritance is the death of the testator, not the death of the heir. Why is it then that when it comes to our spiritual inheritance our carnal mind is progrmmed to unthinkingly and automatically place the attainment of the inheritance in an afterlife? We look at this scripture, identify ourselves with "flesh and blood" and assume that we need to wait until we die to come into our inheritance."

    So lately I’m saying to God, "I’m using my inheritance now. I’m not waiting until I die because Jesus already died for me. I have authority when I pray in Jesus’ name." So again, it’s just a matter of remembering I’ve already been given authority and receiving that by faith.

    So, somtimes we have to just pray and trust him and other times we have to use our authority in him. Probably many times it’s both.

    The needy people you are writing about are paupers because they are not children of the King as they have no realtionship with the Father. But we are children of the King and we need to walk in that revelation and point the way to others. Then thay won’t need us but will be able to dray on their heavenly resources also.

    I guess that’s enough for now. It’s all or nothing from me.

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