<%image(20050509-apple1.gif|60|80|iPod)%>After a conversation with a fellow blogger, the term “podcast” came up. Well, after a little enthusiastic research, I’ve installed a podcasting plugin for our blog here. If you’re not yet aware, you can pick up our news feed at:


This new podcasting technology allows any of the posts here to contain audio content that you can automatically download to your IPod, MP3 Player, etc.

Let us know what think. Any others involved in the world of podcasting?

Here’s a great utility for your podcasting needs: Ipodder.

5 thoughts on ““Podcasting”

  1. J.R.


    I just got an iPod two days ago and I am figuring it out…I love it.

    Tell me where I can find some website called "Postcasting for Dummies" or "Podcasting 101" — I want to know more and get some myself, but I don’t know even where to start…any help?

  2. Ed

    Glad you got your pod. Now I can cancel those two credit cards sitting on my desk that I signed up for when you were trying to get it. Unfortunately I know nothing about i-pods, Josh was the one who made the original post. Maybe he can help you.

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