I Dig the Pseudepigrapha

<%image(20050516-scroll.jpg|110|53|scroll)%> While looking up some OT Apocrypha books for the pastor I work with, I came accross an amazing web site. It’s the Wesley Center Online. Though it’s not exhausitve, this page has almost every intertestamental period work and most of the works by the early church fathers and the writings that followed the NT.

I’m not quite sure why they have all of these works online, but it sure beats having buy all of them! I have found that reading intertestamental literature is a really interesting way to get a handle on the Jewish culture before and during the time of Christ.

For example, one of my favorites from Pseudepigrapha is the Psalm of Solomon, while other apocalyptic works give incredible insight into how we may read the book of Revelation.

Pardon me for sharing my nerdy fascination with this particular form of literature. Beware that some intertestamental works are monotonous and boring. Nevertheless, I think that the selective reader who can skim a little bit will stand to gain a lot from these texts. Enjoy!