Learning Curve

<%image(20050520-disc golf.jpg|119|92|disc golf)%> Monday is Julie’s birthday, so of course, just like Homer Simpson, I bought her some brand new discs for disc golf. Buying her 3 discs, you have to know that I’d get to use at least ONE of them! But seriously, the discs were in the trunk of my car, awaiting the big day. Last night I couldn’t resist concealing them when Julie proposed playing disc golf at Tinicum park. Birthday, smirthday, the discs were coming with us!

As of our previous disc golf outings, Jules and I have a little bit of pride. We have finally gotten the hang of the discs in our arsenal and feel pretty good about throwing accurately. We’ve shaved a few “strokes” or “tosses” or whatevers off our games.

But the new discs were unknown quantities that played havor with our games. The new drivers that were supposed to fly straight would tail off to the left and then dive straight to the ground. . . repeatedly. This happened so much that we dubbed it “The Learning Curve.” Watching some expert disc players on another hole, we were humbled to see that one of their shots (flying straight and level down the middle of the fairway) was the equivalent of 3-4 of our shots!

We clearly have a ways to go.

One thought on “Learning Curve

  1. The Kups

    Dear Ed and Julie,
    Glad you are out having some fun. Happy Birthday Julie!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Craig, Mom and Amanda

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