Monthly Archives: June 2005

The Move

My long silence from the blog is sort of over. Will I be posting? Yes. Will I post often? I don’t think so. Things of substance? Probably not, but do I have some stories to tell. Between the lost UHAUL truck, break down and abandonment, posh hotel room and breakfast, Niagara falls of coolant, heat at full blast on 90 degree day, moving in with the sweltering heat, and then the vast array of home improvement projects, I have more than enough to keep me typing.
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The Last . . .

Now Jules and I are moving in two days I find myself in a series of “last things”. The last e-mail I send to this person from work, the last time I see certain people, the last water ice, the last time I go to our favorite Borders, the last time a drive down 309 (thankfully …), the last bacon-egg bagel, the last soft pretzel, the last time I use DSL at the church office (sob, sob), the last time I kill a morning with Eugene in his office . . . the list goes on.

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3 Days Left

< %image(20050622-colonial.jpg|195|112|colonial)%> Saturday is the big move up to Vermont. For now it’s just a lot of packing, picking out paint colors, and changing our address info. Julie and I have a date tonight to the paint store. We’re down to the wire with our color selection, and I fear that my attempt at creativity may result in me being institutionalized.

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Praying For Benin

<%image(20050620-Benin.png|250|115|benin)%> Some friends just passed on some info about a country in Africa called Benin. You can check it out at

Here’s a snippet from the site:
“Benin, located in West Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. although it is free from war, it is largely dominated by witchcraft and voodoo… and although the land is rich in cotton, the nature of the international market has left the people of Benin with little hope of economically profiting from their cotton.” Sounds like a country that needs prayer and the Gospel.

You can find out more at Wikipedia.


< %image(20050619-motion.jpg|94|126|motion)%> We have been on the move lately in our area, and will literally be moving in less than a week. I’d like to just chronicle some of these roamings and ramble on some items that I have been chewing on. There has been so much motion lately that I have really needed to just sit down.

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