Ungrateful, inconsiderate, mean, snobbish, and all-around punks: these are just a few of the thoughts streaming through my self-righteous mind right now. After putting in countless hours of planning, recruiting 60-80 volunteers, shelling out over $150 in supplies, paying $25 as a sponsor, and attending planning meetings for the local community day, my church of employ received a card in the mail advertising the event. Yet in the list of sponsors, the church was mysteriously missing. GRRRRR, self-righteous anger levels approaching dangerously high point.

I thought of e-mailing over the various spreadsheets and e-mails that evidence how much work and money we have poured into this event. I thought of calling and demanding an explanation. I thought and stewed, and stewed some more. Angry, angry, angry.

And yet of course, the whole point of our involvement in this event is to reveal God to people. A demand for recognition and an apology may be enough to squelch that. Ah yes, death to self. It really, really sucks.

I imagine the people in the borough office scheming to leave us off the sheet of sponsors, silencing any voice that advocated on our behalf. Yep, we can’t get no respect. And still, should we want it? I want it. Should I want it? Probably not. Is that a hard pill to swallow? Like gulping down a dictionary.

One thought on “Snubbed

  1. stephanie

    Hmmmm…sometimes the church is so busy navel gazing that it hasn’t become aware that the Body is meant to function in community and that also means the community we live in!
    But I applaud your efforts to be invovled. It only takes one to make a difference.

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