Strawberries, The Shore, and Kids

<%image(20050612-strawberries.jpg|137|91|berries)%> A few days off from blogging has left me with a deep well of drizzle and few thoughts to toss up for consumption. First of all, a major event this past weekend has been strawberries. I saw they are an event because we went to the strawberry festival in town, picked 15 pounds of them at a nearby farm, and have since been eating ourselves sick with wonderfully sweet, ripe, juicy strawberries.

After eating strawberries at the festival, snacking on them while picking, and then gorging ourselves once we got home, and then eating some more with Josh and Jamie over at their pad, we hit the critical mass for strawberries. Oh, and we just went out Sunday night to the home of some friends and had straweberry pie!!! And you can guess what I’m taking with me for lunch tommorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Hopefully the freezer will be a hospitable environment for the other 10 pounds that we can’t eat now!

In any case, after our adventure in the berry field, we decided to see our good friends Josh and Jamie on a fairly last second whim. They thanked us for playing with their kids during dinner preparation by handily spanking us in badminton and then shutting us down in Settlers of Catan. At least we got a free meal out of it. In spite of these things, it was wonderful to see how God has given them the grace to love and nurture two small children. In addition, it was great to see them feeling well and having enough energy to keep pace with Keri and Noah.

One of the most memorable moments for me was watching Josh deal with Keri, well into her terrible two’s, as she disobeyed him quite a bit. She may have been showing off for us. While she tried to climb up on a table (a no, no) and hurt herself in the process, I watched Josh reluctantly scold her. He sighed and said that he can’t see reprimanding her for being curious, knowing that he would have done the same in her shoes. I love that. That is true grace: being able to put yourself into the shoes of a two-year-old and understand the motivation and desires behind an action. Good work Josh.

After spending the night at Josh and Jamie’s we went down to the Jersey shore one last time before heading north and promptly got burned in less than two hours. Who would have thought you could burn so fast? We should have. Duh. I hope my mom isn’t reading this . . .