While saying something significant on every topic in the world, C. S. Lewis comments within the pages of Mere Christianity about how much money we should be giving away. Avoiding the choice of any one percentage, he asserts that he finds it best to give enough so that he cannot do everything that he should like. This has been very freeing for me. As I leave school behind and have time to earn more money, I am trying to think of some worthy causes to support financially. The amount is always the sticking point, and I feel that Lewis is a good guide on the topic.

Of course, once I’m unemployed, any amount will hurt. But I desire the joy of giving and want to develop this discipline more. Julie has wisely commented that so many of the things that are good for us, fasting, saving, giving, etc. all involve a certain amount of deprivation. If we want to move forward into the deeper things of God, we need to let go of large chunks of this world.

Though I am all ears for suggested causes, ministries, or whatever to support, I wanted to share with you some of the people/causes that I currently support or consider supporting at the present. If you would like to contact any of the people listed and ask how you can help pray for them or support them with $$, just e-mail me at and I’ll set you up. Also, if you want to be converted to gmail, I’ll be happy to do that too! Without further ado, here is my short list right now.

Don and Nancy Loose (children: Don and David)
Missionaries to Paraguary
I used to paint houses with Don while Nancy inquired about my love life during my teenage and college years. They are very dear friends of mine and they have a true heart to carry the Gospel to people. Don and Nancy are models of leading quiet lives while letting the Gospel do its work, gently sharing the message whenever they have a chance. Nancy is my hero with the ways that she develops relationships with people, loves them, helps them, and shares them Jesus without being pushy. One of her current projects is teaching women who make various crafts how to sell them for $10 each on They have a sweet web site, participate in some great ministries, and have two great little boys.

Sudan at
If you had to find hell on earth, I would think that Sudan would be the front runner. After roughly 20 years of civil war, genocide, starvation, and murder, I can’t think of a place in the world that is quite as messy as Sudan. Having known a wonderful man named Kenneth during my college years, I received his first hand account of how his father and brothers were killed, mother and sisters were confined to a ghetto in Khartoum, and his very survival was the result of a series of flat out, true blue, I don’t care if you believe their cessation, miracles. He got past some rough and tough muslim border guards and into Ethiopia by merely walking through, as if invisible. Hearing of the pain in Sudan that Kenneth and millions of others experience and have experienced has caused Julie and I to pray about ways that we can help out financially with rebuilding the infrastructure, creating a better life for the people, and supporting the Gospel.

That’s it for my short list. There are others whom we are supporting, but this is as far as I have gotten. I hope that some of these stories are encouraging for you and that you will consider praying for them and possibly supporting them financially.

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  1. John

    There are so many great organizations and wonderful people out there. I think it’s a matter of evaluating what passions God has put in your heart to support. Giving should not be a "mechanical" discipline. We are commanded to be cheerful givers! Discover what juices you up (evangelism, discipleship, urban poor, orphans, social justice, etc.) and look for good ministries doing those things.

    On deprivation, I would agree wholeheartedly. God calls us to be sacrificial givers. In sacrifice, we find his provision and our faith grows!

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