<%image(20050619-motion.jpg|94|126|motion)%> We have been on the move lately in our area, and will literally be moving in less than a week. I’d like to just chronicle some of these roamings and ramble on some items that I have been chewing on. There has been so much motion lately that I have really needed to just sit down.

1. CS Lewis for breakfast: I have been listening to Mere Christianity on the way in to work and it has been one of the most significant things in my life lately. The guy just had a handle on some amazing things. His grasp of sin and obedience is revolutionary. Quite simply, God is interested in making you into a new kind of creature that fellowships with him, not just being a rule follower. He also has profound thoughts on love before he was hitched. For example, Lewis emphasizes that one can fall in love and experience a great deal of emotion, but oftentimes love is an act of the will. In addition, we need not try to make ourselves feel a certain way to verify love. Love seems to be tied with how we live, not just how we feel. This has ramifications for how we love God, our wifes, our neighbors, and our enemies.

2. I had a long chat with a friend while riding bikes along the Delaware canal bike path. Part of the path was washed away, which made for more of a mountain bike experience! The gravel that covered the path was gone in some places, leaving rocks and huge craters to avoid, while the gravel piled up further down and literally stopped us on a few occasions. In any case, we had a great chat. One item that was particularly thought-provoking was Derek’s statement that God seems to honor our faith where we are at. In other words, stepping out in faith will look very different based on where each person and/or church is at. It’s not even a matter of being further along a continuum though, it’s more a matter of being at a different place on the map. One may be closer to the destination, but oftentimes that is not the case. For Jules and I, faith means we move up to Vermont without jobs and trust that God will provide. To some, that is stupid and irresponsible. Others may feel like faith means something more radical, such as selling our possessions or cleaning out our accounts or whatever. In any case, just not having a guaranteed source of income in the future is stretching enough for me. I also think that adjusting to life in Arlington Vermont will be challenging enough as well. No Wawa, No Rita’s Water Ice, Immitation cheese steaks, No pro sports teams, no disc golf within 20 minutes . . . Man am I suffering or what? ; )

3. We camped out by the Delaware in the exact same park as our favorite disc golf course. That meant two games of disc golf, one that was Ok, one that was hideously awful for me. In any case, the camping was great. There were Boy Scouts camping out in droves over the weekend, running amuck. A group of little 2nd-3rd graders were “werewolves” (spelling?). They would run around attacking each other and howl like the dickens. It was a real panic.

4. And so the move approaches. The boxes are taking over our home, but order still prevails. We are not cooking anything else for the most part and just putting the finishing touches on things. It’s amazing how much has to be done before a move. We are very much ahead of the game, and still we find ourselves up until 3:30 am packing, cleaning, taking things apart, etc. It’s quite a bit of work. It can get really tiring very quick. Of course the week following our big trek north will be a painting, remodeling, unpacking marathon before a week away at Lake George.

5. EZ Pass. I am angry at EZ Pass. It has been anything but easy (cheesy, stupid “EZ”)for us. Our transmitter is not working I think because we got our 3rd violation in the mail today, after two conversations on the phone about it and supposedly getting things straight. Ah, so now I have been traveling the highways, throwing money out the window like the ordinary joe’s around me. No zipping through toll plazas. It’s so interesting how a little convenience becomes a necessity so quickly. I just want my EZ pass to work and to be easy. Now that I have experienced convenience, I will never turn back. Yikes, that’s pretty scary! Cell phones are the same way. We got along Ok without them, but now I shiver at the thought of not having one . . . Ah yes, welcome to capitalism and the consumer society. We create needs, boring holes into our soles and then plug them with cheap corks that have to be replaced constantly. I’m not sure if I could include computers in this category though . . . especially not my lappy (HSR ref.).

6. We’ve been selling furniture, which is exciting. Somebody just bought some bedroom furniture that we had in storage, and now we’re contemplating the purchase of a chair from IKEA.

7. I am driving Julie batty over the selection of paint colors for our new home. I’m pulling for a kind of colonial green for the living room. She’s cool with the idea and my colors, but I can’t decide which shade to go with. And don’t get me started on the guest bedroom!

8. In a super-duper cheeky move I will be giving the pastor I work with the book by Wolfgang Simson, This American Life about a Hassidic Jew who joined a rock band and took the stage name “Curly Oxide.” It is well worth a listen.