Support Addition

A few days ago I posted some thoughts on financial support/giving and listed a few people whom I thought others may be interested in supporting. After obtaining her blessing and a few edits, I’d like to introduce my friend Laura who is working with children in South Africa.

Laura Eib
Laura is a friend of mine from my Taylor University days. She was part of the gang that used to hang at our apartment, the Bunker (long story), and spent countless hours playing beach volley ball next to Taylor Swamp (aka “Lake”). Laura finished her Masters in Psychology not too long ago (I probably got the degree name wrong) and followed up on her passion for children by signing up to go to South Africa with Rainbows of Hope. Laura is working with orphans whose parents were killed by AIDS and other children in need. We love reading her newsletters about the ways that she is helping out so many children who are broken and so desperately in need of God’s love. We’re so happy that she is sharing it with these children down in Africa.

I would like to add that the sending organization is World Evangelism for Christ, Inc., and it’s a completely faith-based venture.