3 Days Left

<%image(20050622-colonial.jpg|195|112|colonial)%> Saturday is the big move up to Vermont. For now it’s just a lot of packing, picking out paint colors, and changing our address info. Julie and I have a date tonight to the paint store. We’re down to the wire with our color selection, and I fear that my attempt at creativity may result in me being institutionalized.

I have been trying to find the perfect colonial green for our living room that has only a few windows. There’s the danger of picking a color that is too dark. To make things worse, everytime I think I’m settled on the matter, I’ll happen upon a paint or hardware store that has a variation of colonial green that I really dig. Indecision has me in its grip while the move approaches.

And to make matters a bit worse, I have been flip flopping on whether to get a ProductDisplay?catalogId=10101&storeId=12&productId=11055&langId=
chair. Any suggestions???

3 thoughts on “3 Days Left

  1. nate hulfish

    i know it’s not my money – but we’re talking ikea and i know ikea – go with the poang…cheap ikea breaks quickly…more expensive ikea takes longer to break.

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