The Move

My long silence from the blog is sort of over. Will I be posting? Yes. Will I post often? I don’t think so. Things of substance? Probably not, but do I have some stories to tell. Between the lost UHAUL truck, break down and abandonment, posh hotel room and breakfast, Niagara falls of coolant, heat at full blast on 90 degree day, moving in with the sweltering heat, and then the vast array of home improvement projects, I have more than enough to keep me typing.

Yet with all of that to tell, it’s most important to say that we’re in Vermont and we’re loving it. We have six beautiful acres with a mountain towering over us. Our home has come a long way. The family we are renting from did a lot of the nasty work, including the removal of old carpet, demolition of a wall, and revamping of the basement. I can’t believe they’ve gotten so much done. With that to say, the place still needs a bit of work and our boxes are still everywhere.

The major project was the living room. It’s a sweet colonial green color (called Rittenhouse Green from the Williamsburg collection) and the trim is a creamy color called linen white. This was my little project and it has turned out better than expected. We are very excited to give this room such a classy look. The one problem is that the door has an antiquated lock that is next to impossible to use and the windows only open under the heavy blow of the hammer.

Julie’s parents were here for the move and left Wednesday night. They were real troopers. They put in the huge screens for the windows, cleaned up the yard, got a few things in order for the kitchen, and painted the door and windows in the living room. We were so bewildered and tired when we arrived on Sunday night that it was wonderful to have them around.

As far as the area goes, we haven’t traveled too far, but we have already frequented the Arlington Dairy Barn for ice cream and a few quick dinners. Manchester, just up 7A North is a beautiful town, though a bit ritzy and crowded at times. I can go there whenever I want to take care of my longing for a little traffic jam . . . So far we have discovered a nice book store and a casual Italian restaurant in town. To our South is Bennington, the home of the Home Depot that we visit almost daily, a nice downtown, a few churches we may check out, some nice restaurants (so far we had a nice dinner at “Lulu’s”), and a smattering of shops, including two small book stores.

The park across our driveway is beyond belief. There is a mile long running path (gravel) that goes through the park, along the Battenkill River, and then loops back. All along the path are little work out stations, the likes of which I’ve only seen in Doylestown, PA in its super-nice park. There is a nine hole golf course that costs $4 and is on the honor system, a very clean swimming hole that is about the size of a large pond (fed by the river somehow), and some tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball field, softball field, soccer fields, and some open space with a play ground and picnic grove. It’s needless to say that we’ve been swimming quite a bit during the hot spell.

Our internet access will be limited until July 6th when our DSL is activated. The box arrived today and I was near weeping (well, not really). It came with a free wireless router, so it’s all wifi for us baby. Nothin’ but the best in Vermont. Once we’re up and running I expect to post more frequently. Till then we have painting projects, unpacking, and a vacation up at Lake George, NY next week to keep us busy.

For Family and Friends: Just shoot me an e-mail if you need our new contact info up in Vermont.