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On the Road, Wanna-Be Handyman, and a bummer

I have had a few posts over the past couple of days that I began and could not finish. We have so many things to do at our home and now we’re gearing up to leave in a few minutes for a 10-day road trip that will take us from Vermont to Illinois, to NJ, to Philly, and then back home. I have kept myself busy with a multitude of wanna-be handyman projects and could write a few posts about those experiences. The plan was to write it all up while on the road and post it at some point. But alas our lap top screen died on us. So as long as we have a monitor, we’re cool. But my portability is now limited. In the midst of the busyness, God has been up to some great stuff and I hope to write about it all next week.

A Providential Weekend

Jules and I have just returned from a weekend trip to Providence, R.I., visiting her best friend (since pre-school!). We had some interesting adventures while there, learned a bit about this strange little town, and listened to Bernard Lewis’ book on CD The Crisis of Islam. So I can’t quite get to a full post on all of these things tonight (I have kitchen cabinets to paint), but want to toss this out there:

Why is there such hostility toward America from Muslim extremists?
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One Palestine Complete

< %image(20050720-one palestine.jpg|82|126|one palestine)%> In the event of sweltering heat and humidity we retreated to the cooler region of Lake George for the past two days. We had perfectly sunny days for swimming, reading, and sleeping. Since we’ve been working for a good chunk of our weekends, it felt good to have some time away from the home work zone. I was sucked into Tom Segev’s book, One Palestine Complete: Jews and Arabs Under the British Mandate. Before sharing my thoughts, I should mention off the top that its more of a book about Jews and their interaction with Arabs. Though “fair and balanced” in its presentation, the interests of the author clearly lie with the Jewish characters who helped form the Jewish state while under the rule of the British.
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Appreciating the Episcopals

< %image(20050717-trinity.jpg|79|100|episcopal)%> When you live in a small town you have limited options. 2 gas stations (one being a Stewart’s, the closest thing to a Wawa in these parts), one hardware store, one dairy barn, 2 convenience stores (one with liqour), and there you about have it. Being that it was Sunday, we have been praying about what to do for church and our options were: Catholic, Methodist, or Episcopal. Being that the area has been known as Tory hollow during the revolution (with Tory lane down the road from us), we decided to give the Episcopals a go. I hope none of you question our patriotism. After a Sunday with the Episcopal congregation in town, Julie and I had a few thoughts.
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It’s Over

After a 1-2 hour inquisition over the phone, another long period of haggling, and resigning ourselves to our fate, we finally settled our battle with U—– yesterday. They are now regarded as “those of whom we do not speak” (reference to movie, “The Village”). Those of whom we do not speak reimbursed us for some of our expenses, but not all of them, and they didn’t give us monetary compensation for all of the trouble they caused us. Their line was, “You completed your move, we called towing companies (so it doesn’t matter if no one showed up), you didn’t call us when the antifreeze spilled during the day following your tire problem, you have always spoken to a human being whenever you called us (regardless of how we were treated), and so you should be satisfied and expect nothing from us.” GRRRR. But we are at the place where we want to be done with it. They made their offer (they actually tried to give us VIP dollars to use on our “next” rental from their fiendish company!), we haggled, they give a little bit of ground (but not much!), the final offer was given, we protested, and then we accepted. The nightmare is over and I feel like I’ve learned a few things.
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Lake Pictures

<%image(20050714-Julie Sail Long smaller.jpg|288|103|Julie sailing)%> Though our much-anticipated pictures of the UHaul Niagara Falls of coolant are still on their way from Wal-Mart (thanks for not putting any one hour envelopes out!), I wanted to post a neat little picture of Julie on the family sunfish. I think she is tacking into a north wind on Lake George, NY.