Battenkill, Bats, and DSL

<%image(20050710-arlington.jpg|107|113|arlingtonvt)%> We’re back from vacation and have re-entered the box-strewn confines of our little home in Arlington, VT. After being rained in for the past few days up at Lake George I decided to start my day with a run around the 1 mile track at our little rec park. Crossing our driveway into park I traveled down the trail along the Battenkill River, surging and rushing down stream with the notorious Brown Trout in its current. As I pressed forward I realized that God has given me so much of what I have longed for. One of the items at the top of my list was to be near water. Now I can run next to a nice river, swim in the swimming hole fed by the river, and tube on the river should I purchase one of the trademark black tubes.

<%image(20050710-battenkill.jpg|150|112|battenkill)%> In addition, while browsing some sites online I kept finding all kinds of glowing remarks about our region of Vermont. It has the best country bike paths, best scenery, best sugar shacks, best tourist traps, etc. Our area seems to be Vermont at its best. Now I’m sure that many would disagree with such an assessment, but let me tell ya, it’s a really beautiful place.

<%image(20050710-arlington bridge.jpg|145|97|bridgearlington)%> Another thing that makes our home so nice is the addition of DSL to the family. That explains the sudden inclusion of pictures on the page again. When you’re paying by the minute for Earthlink’s dial up you just can’t afford to be cute. Many thanks to Joel who had the DSL hooked up today before breakfast.

When we add up the blessings and the ways that God has seemingly tailor-made this place for us, it is incredibly reassuring. Of course there are things that happen that kind of throw you for a loop as well. Enter the bat. Laying in bed last night I was so glad to be home and in my own bed in my spacious room. And then we heard the flap, flap, flap of a bat. Dang it.

One wall of the room has plastic nailed to it. Our landlord has put tons and tons of work into the house, putting the nastier projects ahead of the easier ones, and so the wall isn’t finished. We don’t mind too much. With boxes everywhere and paint cans about, it’s more of a work zone anyway. Apparently the bat got in through the plastic and began to fly around the room. While I cringed under my blanket, I realized what I had to do. I had to get out of bed, remove the screen from the window, and pray that the bat went outside. Garnering all of my courage and staying close to the floor, I hobbled across the room, got it open and flung myself back into bed.

Of course the bat didn’t catch on to the program, flapped around some more, and then supposedly returned to the attic area behind the plastic. Great, now we get round two tonight. Of course I did take preventative measures and duct taped every single crack in the plastic that I could find. Cheesy and hokey though it may be, I hope it works.

2 thoughts on “Battenkill, Bats, and DSL

  1. Kathy Kuptsow

    If a bat was in my bedroom, I’d be out of the house in 10 seconds, quickly followed by Amanda. In my opinion you andJulie were extremely brave for staying in the bedroom. Knowing Craig he would probably just hope the bat would keep quiet so he could sleep!!! LOL

  2. Ed Post author

    I guess I didn’t emphasize my cowering under the blanket, wimpering in fear, crawling while trembling to open the window, and then booking down stairs with our blankets and pads to sleep in the kitchen!!! So far operation duct tape has kept out the bats, though I do plug my ears, lest I hear something that unsettles me! What a city boy. I go to the country and have to plug my ears.

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