On the Road, Wanna-Be Handyman, and a bummer

I have had a few posts over the past couple of days that I began and could not finish. We have so many things to do at our home and now we’re gearing up to leave in a few minutes for a 10-day road trip that will take us from Vermont to Illinois, to NJ, to Philly, and then back home. I have kept myself busy with a multitude of wanna-be handyman projects and could write a few posts about those experiences. The plan was to write it all up while on the road and post it at some point. But alas our lap top screen died on us. So as long as we have a monitor, we’re cool. But my portability is now limited. In the midst of the busyness, God has been up to some great stuff and I hope to write about it all next week.

2 thoughts on “On the Road, Wanna-Be Handyman, and a bummer

  1. Todd

    i am guessing that you already have a place to go, but if you are in philly on a sunday, come visit The Well!

  2. Ed Post author

    Sorry Todd, but we’ll be on the road by then, listening to one of fabulous options that I just posted about.

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