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It Never Crossed My Mind

< %image(20050831-katrina_New Or.jpg|318|213|New Orleans)%> The gulf coast in Mississippi and Louisiana has been destroyed by hurricane Katrina. It hit yesterday morning, flooding New Orleans, destroying Biloxi (Mis.), and threatening the lives of thousands. The crazy thing is that it never crossed my mind to pray about all of this until dinner time yesterday. I had work to do, projects to manage, a home to prepare for company, my schedule was packed.

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In the news

< %image(20050829-julie at picnic 8.05.jpg|250|188|Julie)%> My wife Julie (blue shirt, center) made it into the local news on the Bennington Banner. We attended a pot luck dinner yesterday that was supposed to kick off the new year by introducing the parents to the teachers in an informal setting. It was a pretty good time, but very tiring to meet so many people all at once. Julie did a nice job chatting with the parents and struck a nice pose for the picture in the paper. I was probably cowering behind a cup of iced tea at the time, trying to make myself invisible.
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New Career

<%image(20050828-google moon.jpg|154|87|google moon)%> Having a hard time finding work? Looking for a career that is out of this world? Google is currently offering jobs on the moon for the year 2008. Check out Google’s map of the moon, be sure to zoom in close and get a good look. Job opportunities are listed under the link “More about google moon”. Hat tip to Joel for finding this site.

Down With AOL

As an advocate of GMail and the Mozilla Firefox web browser, I’m a big fan of programs that are free (or at least resonably priced) and are designed intelligently (not to be confused with “intelligent design”), I’m fairly opposed to programs such as America Online. AOL has destroyed many a fine computer with spyware and all kinds of programs that run while the computer is on. As if causing computers to crash wasn’t enough, AOL has added a new offense . . .

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Are You A Patriot???

Some laws are very useful. Some are not. Some could be useful, but are enforced in useless ways. Typically the useless laws are aimed at making someone, a politician usually, look good. Useless laws give an illusion that something is being done about a problem and they provide tidy statistics that will hopefully win the politician re-election. The real kicker is that if you question the enforcement of laws or the usefulness of laws themselves, you really can’t help but look like the bad guy, even if the laws are useless. Here are some examples:
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Obesity Bulge

I just read an interesting article on the BBC’s home page about the increase of obesity in America. Apparently this is a problem that is not going away. The risk of diabetes and heart disease are on the rise, prompting one person from India to comment:

“3/4 population is dying without food and remaining 1/4 population is dying with too much of food. I don’t know whether this model of the world is working”
Shaz, Varanasi, India

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