Off to Work I Go

Faith. The last 6-9 months have been a real walk of faith. A reminder that most of my life is not a walk of faith. IN fact, most of life has not required a whole lot of faith. Even the faith I’ve needed to place in God seems to be all a gift from him. I can’t explain how to rest in God. Nevertheless, last Spring I heard God say that he wanted me to take July and August off. There would be a job after that for me. That wasn’t enough for me.

And so I stressed a bit, looked for jobs and kept returning to that word. Just wait, take July and August off, and there will be a job. So I’ve kept my feelers out there, applied some, but tried to rest, trust, have faith. And guess what? It came together. I was just hired by Southern Vermont Art Center to be their volunteer coordinator, starting on August 23rd. When you figure that I stopped working at Living HOpe Community Church around the 23rd or 24th of June, that’s two months exactly. God is amazing. I can only pray for more faith.

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