Wanna Be

While reading Psalm 1 today I realized that I take a lot for granted. I take it for granted that this describes me:

“How happy is the one who does not follow the advice of the wicked,
or stand in the pathway with sinners,
or sit in the assembly of arrogant fools!”

But is that the real me???

The challenge lies in the following verse:

“1:2 Instead he finds pleasure in obeying the Lord’s commands;
he intently studies his commands day and night.”

So if I take pleasure in obedience and in the commands of God, then I am shunning the council and ways of the wicked. Hmmm. But if I’m not living with God and in connection with his commands, the chances are that I’m being influenced by the wicked or at least am leaving myself wide open to something/someone other than the Spirit of God.

It’s so easy to think of myself as the good guy, the righteous one, the master of all things religious. But my treasure resides where my heart is, and that determines whether or not I’m something valuable in the sight of God or just a hunk of junk.

quotes taken from NET Bible