Knowing Right and Wrong

There’s an important part of the postmodern critique of modernity’s quest for certainty that I often overlook. Instead of admitting that I can’t be 100% scientifically certain about much of anything, the matter lies more with the fact that NO ONE can be that certain. Everyone is part of interconnected and infinitely complex systems that influence their knowledge. So if I am ever critiqued on account of my bias, I can just as well point out the bias of the one who critiques. You could say that postmodernism sort of levels the playing field.

So while I still believe that Christianity is the most reasonable, plausible, true, etc. way to live, I am not required to live as a Christian from an absolutely authoritative standpoint. Every Christian can be said to have a bias or to possess some “unreasonable” beliefs. Yet when it comes down to it, I can confidently say that I am practicing the religion that best characterizes humanity, our world, and the divine.