Down With AOL

As an advocate of GMail and the Mozilla Firefox web browser, I’m a big fan of programs that are free (or at least resonably priced) and are designed intelligently (not to be confused with “intelligent design”), I’m fairly opposed to programs such as America Online. AOL has destroyed many a fine computer with spyware and all kinds of programs that run while the computer is on. As if causing computers to crash wasn’t enough, AOL has added a new offense . . .

Of all people, Julie’s grandmother was sending out 53 e-mails to an organization that she volunteers for. Right after this her service was cut off. After being treated very rudely by the customer service representatives (maybe they were ex-UHaul emloyees . . .), she found out that AOL shuts down your account if you send out 30+ e-mails at once. It must be an anti-spam policy of some sort. She was warned that her account would be terminated if she violated this policy (that she was never told about in the first place!) again.

First of all, AOL is losing customers to high speed providers, can they really afford to threaten them like this??? Secondly, I have send mass e-mails out all of the time to friends. I can’t imagine being limited to 29 people when sending out an e-mail.

Regarding internet service: while Verizon isn’t exactly cheap for DSL service, it’s not much more money than Verizon, and it certainly is a heck of a lot faster without all of the spyware.

Regarding e-mail: I predict that Google will eventually take over the world, so it’s probably best to align yourself with the future ruling class and acquire a gmail account. I will gladly send invitations to all who ask.

Down with AOL, long live GMail.