Thoughts on the Temple of the Spirit

While meeting with some friends yesterday we discussed the work of the Holy Spirit in each Christian and our role as his temple. In no specific order, here are some thoughts:

One person commented that he has been thinking of the Spirit walking in him, rather than having the responsibility to walk in the Spirit. I think that language may strike at some people’s struggles with trying to live like Christ on their own, trying to figure out how they can “make” themselves walk in the Spirit. In addition, living in the Spirit is strongly tied to hearing the voice of the Spirit of God and then obeying. Finding out where the Spirit wants you to go and then going could be described as walking with the Spirit. I find that it’s easier sometimes to fail in the hearing part than in the obeying part. Just stopping and listening is hard. Even if God tells me to do something I don’t want to do, I am often just relieved to hear from him, period.

In thinking of the Spirit living within Christians and our bodies being the very temple of the Spirit where worship of God occurs, it has been impressed on me how important purity and holiness are. IN particular I have been faced with the battle between humility and pride. I find myself wanting to latch on to my rights, my status, and my image, fighting to be respected, treated well, etc.

Whether someone threatens my place in line at the post office ( I don’t know how she could not have seen me there!!!) or having someone make inappropriate remarks about the necessity of my current job position (“Does the art museum really need a volunteer coordinator?”), I find myself fighting off angry thoughts that linger, snide remarks that want to come out (“Yes, it does need a volunteer coordinator. Is there enough demand for your kind of work? Are there enough students for you to be necessary? “), and general thoughts about promoting my own self-worth. And in the midst of this, I remember that God wants to live in me, use me to bless others, and to be worshipped in me. Ouch, I need to let go of myself. Submission to God’s Spirit. Ouch.