It Never Crossed My Mind

<%image(20050831-katrina_New Or.jpg|318|213|New Orleans)%> The gulf coast in Mississippi and Louisiana has been destroyed by hurricane Katrina. It hit yesterday morning, flooding New Orleans, destroying Biloxi (Mis.), and threatening the lives of thousands. The crazy thing is that it never crossed my mind to pray about all of this until dinner time yesterday. I had work to do, projects to manage, a home to prepare for company, my schedule was packed.

I pray that I can put aside my busy and ordered life for the presence of God today, to fellowship with him and to pray for those who are suffering in the wake of hurricane Katrina. I can’t imagine losing my home, spouse, or city. I pray for safe rescue, peace in the city, and restoration for those without homes right now. I pray that I may never be so busy that I cannot stop and intercede for those in dire need for God and his help.