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According to Daniel Rubin of, yesterday was the official blog day. So even if I have missed out on the linking festivities, I would at least like to, in the spirit of blog day, provide a link to his site. He has a series of links to various sites that provide helpful information about the hurricane damage, some sites about the gas price going up, and of course a few odd ones, including the CNN weather man losing his temper with the anchor (but don’t try that link unless you have a zippy computer and high speed internet!). The most tragic parts of the hurricane clean up is the search for missing relatives and the wide-spread looting in the city, both of which he documents on his blog.

It should be noted that today many blogs are helping in the fundraising efforts for victims of Katrina. Here’s a link to the American Red Cross. They seem to be one of the main groups on the front lines of the crisis.

There is an interesting thought on the boingboing site that includes sending cell phones and computers to the Astro Dome to help people get in touch with relatives.

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  1. Ed Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Dave. I’m glad to see that you’re blogging and have enjoyed reading your posts. I figured that you would be involved in web design. I do envy your access to Rita’s Water Ice and cheesesteaks.

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