And It Gets Worse

As explosions rock New Orleans, people starve, suffer, murder, are murdered, and flounder in the flood waters, the blame is beginning to be passed around. The New Orleans mayor is mad at the Federal Government for its slow response. Others are mad at the local government for not taking the hurricane seriously and evacuating people. But some of the most interesting critique comes from around the world. I hope that we can hear what the world is saying to us and about us. Here’s one example:

Taipei’s Taiwan News

New Orleans may go down in history as the first major city in an advanced country to be lost to the process of global warming… We sincerely hope that the Bush administration will take the call from Hurricane Katrina and reconsider its energy and environmental policies and replace ostrich-like escapism with leadership in the global effort to deal with the crisis of global climatic change.

Whether or not you agree with such an assessment, there is a lot of weel-thought-out criticism for us to hear and heed coming from around the world.

My own take on the situation is that the local and federal government both blew it in New Orleans.

1. Locally
First of all, the income difference between blacks and whites in that city is about $20,000. So there’s already a repressive system in society. The storm comes, the government says to evacuate, and many of the poor don’t even have the money to pay for a taxi. The rich people run for it, leaving behind everyone else, and the government fails to bring in buses or anything for that matter. To top it off, the government states that people were told to evacuate and that they have to bear part of the blame. SHAMEFUL!

2. Nationally
The federal government failed to send aid quickly. Bush should have cut short his stinkin’ vacation. No one seemed to remember all of the previous studies stating how a hurricane could destroy New Orleans. It seems that the people in the federal government crossed their fingers, clicked their heels together, and then went to lunch.

If there was ever a time to donate to the Red Cross, now is the time!