From the House Church Conference

<%image(20050902-houses that change.jpeg|81|130|houses)%> I am insanely jealous of all the people who are attending the house church conference out in Colorado. Last year they had it in Texas. The south, the midwest, what’s the deal? Somebody needs to tell these people that the East Coast sets the trends!

Seriously though, there are some great things going on. A guy named Bill Reed is generously posting all kinds of good stuff from the conference. He has a real jewel from Mike Steele:

A quick thought by Mike Steele
Mike got up before Neil cole and shared a quick thought he had. Here is a summary of it.

Folks, this is about relationships. If you think you can get it out of a book. You are wrong. If you think you can package it and sell a program this is wrong. I cannot say it any stronger.

He is right. It is about diving into relationship with people and imparting life to them. Imparting the story of Jesus Christ through words and through actions. Jesus was available to his disciples to move them along their journey towards maturity. We need to understand that hanging out with each other and encouraging each other in our key relationships, God and Family, is critical to the maturing of the saints.