Coming Into Focus

<%image(20050905-buses.jpg|203|152|buses)%> As relief, rescue, and resettlement operations continue in the wake of hurricane Katrina, there has been a lot of outrage directed at George W. While not his number one fan by any stretch, I have grown weary ofthe way every politician is taking a shot at someone, leveling blame. I understand that this situation has bred a lot of outrage and frustration, but fingers truly cannot be pointed until a closer investigation is ordered. Now is the time to focus on aid and reconstruction, the time for blame will come. The BBC does a very good job of painting a picture of some places where blame may reside and the topics that future investigations may need to cover. Read the article here . . .

I’ll give a few observations:

1. Bush strongly encouraged a mandatory evacuation BEFORE the hurricane hit.

2. The local government was very slack in putting into action several key measures that would have made the situation better, including the mobilation of the hundreds of school buses in the picture above for the pre-hurricane evacuation.

3. The guy in charge of FEMA (appointed by Bush) may not be very qualified.

4. There were communication breakdowns everywhere.

I was very impressed with this article and found that it gave a small glimpse at how complex this tragedy truly was.