<%image(20050910-mt equinox.jpg|108|81|equinox view)%> It’s not the biggest mountain that I’ve ever hiked, but it sure did wear me out. Following a change of plans this afternoon due to the lower temperatures (in the 60’s), we decided to hike Mt. Equinox. We did the 3.3 (or whatever it was) mile trail in 2 hours, completely sapping us of energy. After enjoying an amazing view of the southern Vermont valley all the way down to Massachusetts, New Hampshire in the East, and the Adirondacks of NY in the West, we bounced down the mountain in about half the time. When stopping for a break on the trip down, my knees wiggled uncontrollably! With the view at the top as the apex (literally) of our time, it was a really great hike.

<%image(20050910-equinox.jpg|374|300|eye sore)%> Of course there was this old, dumpy hotel right at the top of the mountain that had shut down years ago. What an eye sore!!! As they say around the sprawling town of Manchester, they had “Manchestered” the mountain. It is a good location to spy on all of the rich New Yorkers and Connecticut people (do you call them “Connecticutters”?) on vacation down below in their highly private and glitzy resorts/bed and breakfasts.

I should mention that all of the pictures I have here are ones that I found on the web. We have not yet purchased ourselves a digital camera, but that day is approaching rapidly. . .