Following a Follower of Jesus

A delightful morning can always be had by reading through Anne Lamott’s article archive from This morning I read through “God Doesn’t Take Sides” and found the following statement compelling:

You can tell you are following Jesus, instead of following people who are following Jesus, when you truly get — or grok, as the late, great Robert Heinlein put it — that we are one family, brothers and sisters. We stand up for the very least in our family: the Republican uncle with his shotgun, the grandparent with Alzheimer’s, the stoner cousin, the aunt with no savings.

If you can dive through Lamott’s politics and witty asides, I think that you will find a profound truth here. So often what we call Jesus is really just the image of Jesus that someone else has painted for us, and not the living Christ who was raised from the dead and lives in us through his Holy Spirit.

To be Continued . . .