Todd Hiestand tagged my blog the other day, and so now I have the pleasure of tagging some other blogs that I check out. I should admit that sometimes I just go off into the web and look for people with different experiences than myself, perhaps in another country or someone who’s traveling all over the world. Other times I look for people who have strong opinions about something. As a mild and fairly measured person, I find people who feel strongly about the environment, politics, etc. fascinating. I think they have so much to teach me, even if I don’t agree with their views. My typical blog diet can be found on the side bar of this blog. Of course every emerging church blogger has a link to TSK, and I really enjoy Scott’s theopraxis blog. So here are some blogs that I think are worth a look, but have not made it to the side bar yet:

To Write or Not to Write: a blog in English by an Iranian student in France. His perspective and observations are very sharp and interesting.

Just Todd: A friend from Oklahoma who has some good thoughts on theology and culture.

That’s about all for now, it’s time to start painting the closet we just put in upstairs.