A Perfect Day in Arlington

Oh for a digital camera . . . A digital camera is on our list of items to buy so we can document days like today with clear blue skies, towering mountains, a fireman’s carnival in the park in front of our house, yard sales all over town, the marketplace downtown, 60 cent sundaes at Stewart’s, and the finishing of a closet upstairs. The carnival is a small town affair, but it’s a good time with the baked good wheel of fortune, the usual selection of carnival games, and few rickety rides that I’m glad to watch from afar. It’s certainly a blast to be right in the middle of community life, walking over and seeing people from around town and talking about whatever. Not much else to do today but put up some blinds from IKEA, get dinner at the new pizza place (the Bumble Bee: Pizza, Bakery, Cafe, and chit chat; I’m not kidding, these people really didn’t find their marketing niche), and watch fireworks at 9:30 tonight. My hopes are not up very high for the pizza or the fireworks, but at least we can just walk across our lawn and go home if they are lame!