Praying For Peace in China

<%image(20051001-xinjiang.gif|203|152|xinjiang)%> The BBC reports today that the territory of Xinjiang (which I will not try to pronounce) is a potential hot bed for violence. China occupied this terriroty in 1949 and has ruled it ever since with a Beijing-controlled government. During the time of China’s rule, the Uighur people of the region accuse China of exploitation, destruction of the environment, and sabotage of their culture through immigration. With the threat of armed resistance to Chinese oppression, authorities in Beijing claim that they will suppress all such terrorism. And while the US and the international community is trying to intervene, it would seem that our reckless invading of sovergeign countries leaves America without a leg to stand on.

As China celebrates its National Day today, lets commit to pray for peace, justice, and for the persecuted church. To find out more about the struggle for freedom in China, see the Human Rights For China web page.