Just Wind It Up and Go

Andrew Jones has a link to the MIT project that will create millions of $100 lap tops for distribution to impoverished children throughout the world called One Laptop Per Child. It’s a fascinating program that utilizes excellent technology and will serve to hopefully provide a long-term solution to some of the economic disparity in the world.

Though not able to store much data, these lap tops will have wifi capability, a wind up generator for power, and a handle so that the light-weight computer can be carried home.

Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder of the initiative described some of the nuts and bolts of the project and how the cost is so low:

“First, by dramatically lowering the cost of the display. The first-generation machine may use a novel, dual-mode LCD display commonly found in inexpensive DVD players, but that can also be used in black and white, in bright sunlight, and at four times the normal resolution—all at a cost of approximately $35.

Second, we will get the fat out of the systems. Today’s laptops have become obese. Two-thirds of their software is used to manage the other third, which mostly does the same functions nine different ways.

Third, we will market the laptops in very large numbers (millions), directly to ministries of education, which can distribute them like textbooks.”