Praying For a Forgotten Country

Sudan has been in the news lately quite a bit, and for good reason. It certainly is one of the most war-torn countries in the world. The oppressive government in Khartoum has been raiding villages in the Darfur region since 2003, and continues to loot, rape, and kill those who have fled into refugee camps that have been little refuge. While the UN and African Union have intervened to a certain extent, it appears that more must be done in light of recent attacks on the refugee camps.

<%image(20051002-sudan.gif|203|152|sudan)%> And even with all of this worldwide attention, the crisis and wounds of Sudan go far deeper. Even before Darfur was on our radar, Southern Sudan was the staging ground for a bitter 21-year civil war that only ended in January of 2005. As displaced residents of the South return to their battered homeland, they will be short of everything, including food, water, shelter, and medical care. While we pray for peace in Darfur, it is just as important to pray for the reconstruction of Southern Sudan.