A Short Hike

<%image(20051003-prospect rock.jpg|133|88|prospect rock)%> Less than 1.5 miles of hard hiking up hill yielded a spectacular view on a clear fall day in Southern Vermont. Prospect Rock is linked to the town of Manchester by an old logging road that eventually meets up with the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail. It’s a fairly intense walk up, but it’s an incredible deal. I have never had to work so little to see something so beautiful. Using the Mt. Equinox 3.3 mile trail and scenic summit as my measuring stick, we hiked about 1/3 of the distance (at least it was not as steep as Equinox!) to get 1/2 the view. The image here is from Prospect Rock looking West at Mt. Equinox and the town of Manchester in the valley between the Taconic (West) and Green (East) Mountains. From the rock you can see all of the way up into the valley with the mountain ridges snaking their way into the valley like the tentacles of a huge octopus. To top it all off, many trees are beginning to turn red and yellow. It was like living in a postcard.

Hat Tip to Rock Hopper, whose web site kindly provided this great pic from the rock and who has an amazing album of AT pictures.