High Times and High Rivers

<%image(20051010-redmt.jpg|202|151|red mt)%> Though I will never be heard complaining about the warm weather, many tourists, inn keepers, and locals (sometimes referred to as “wood chucks”) have a lot to complain about this fall. First of all, the fall colors are just not happening due to one of the warmest falls on record. Many fear that the leaves will turn brown and die before the pigments have a chance to infect the leaves to their full extent. My picture here of Red Mountain in our back yard is case and point. We surely do have some pretty trees, but some are already bare, while others still have not made up their mind about what to do this fall. Being new to the area, I find myself a bit more detached from the discussions about the leaves. I’m just kind of bummed that I probably can’t wear shorts in October any more. The other thing lately has been the rain.

<%image(20051010-trail mess.jpg|144|192|trail)%> Heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday caused rivers to swell up and while we were not affected beyond some water in the basement (water literally is bubbling up through our concrete!), our beloved rec park adjacent to the river took in quite a bit of water. Our beloved jogging trail that runs next to the river was flooded and part of the path was swept away. So while I have a nice excuse to not go jogging, we certainly look forward to its restoration in the near future (fingers are crossed).

<%image(20051010-rivertree.jpg|158|211|treeriver)%> The river was a sight to see, as it was about 2-3 feet higher than usual and was quite swift. A few trees had their soil eroded away and tipped over into the stream.

My friends Dave and Jamie came up from Boston for the weekend to sit inside during the rain with us. It has been refreshing to catch up with old friends and to put everything in our lives to a full stop. It’s easy to get swept up into the motion of life and I’m always thankful for company. Suddenly all of the urgent projects must halt, unless you’re a rat and you put your company to work! And yes, I have been known to be a rat.

<%image(20051010-downersglen.jpg|144|192|downersglen)%> Though the view was just white cloud fluff, we did manage a hike on Sunday to Prospect Rock and happened upon some beautiful streams that rushed down the mountain with gusto. Of course the clouds disappated when we got to the bottom of the trail and sought refuge in the Northshire bookstore.