The Big Over Easy

<%image(20051012-over easy.jpeg|86|130|over easy)%> Today was my break from my typical writing/blogging routine in the morning. I need to return Jasper Fforde’s latest book to the library and of course he really pulled me in to the story any way, so why fight it? After putting out four successful volumes chronicling the exploits of literary detective Thursday Next, Fforde follows the exploits of detective Jack Spratt in his investigation of Humpty Dumpty’s murder: The Big Over Easy. It’s not deep reading, but it has wonderful British (or Welsh in the case of Fforde) humor encasing a story that will hold interest and offer a number of surprises. I’m not sure if this is his best work, but a friend who visited Fforde’s web site found out some interesting information. The Big Over Easy had actually been written BEFORE Thursday Next.

That’s encouraging for me as I experiment with writing. Apparently Fforde had written quite a bit until Thursday Next hit the shelves. And no one knows how many other things he had to write before he got to what was really top notch. This all seems to line up perfectly with the advice of Ann Lamott and Annie Dillard on writing. Lamott encourages writers to crank out “shitty” first drafts and then take it from there. Maybe a sentence or thought will be worth salvaging, but for the common good, most first drafts must be destroyed, lest people think you have lost your grasp of the English language.

Curiously though, I’m sure that most blogs are first drafts!!! (most of mine are) Hmmm….

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