Letting Missionaries Lead the Way

Glen Fitzjerrell of Mission USA has a great article on next-wave about the role of missionaries and parachurch organizations in the emerging church. His thesis, if I may share my take on it, cocnerns the prominent role that missionaries must play in church plants and reorienting churches to local mission. Glen points out that many church planters struggle with a missional emphasis and can truly benefit by bringing missionaries along side of them. In fact, the reason why the early church was so missional in its focus was that it was founded by and accountable to missionaries. It’s a short read that is well worth it.

3 thoughts on “Letting Missionaries Lead the Way

  1. Glen Fitzjerrell

    Thanks for the positive response to my article. Reading about myself on your blog reminded me of a t-shirt I read once: "Sometimes when I’m alone and nobody’s looking…I Google myself." Lol, anyway, it’s great to get unbiased feedback, and while it’s rare to get that in a secular environment, it’s almost impossible to get from "polite" Christians. I’m glad if it gave ya food for thought at any rate.

    Thanks for your heart and your desire to focus on the things that truly matter.

    I have a new blog set up at: http://glenfitz.blogspot.com
    And you may also enjoy checking out our ministry’s website at http://www.missionusa.com .

  2. Ed Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Glen. Just FYI, I already have the link to Mission USA on my above post. Thanks for the link to your blog. Your emerging church vocabularly was a good laugh, even if the candle thing is more of an emergent-wanna be thing. Candles come into play more often when program-heavy churches try to do the emerging thing. I also thought your new title for emergent is pretty handy, "The Lesser Sucking Movement".

    Your work with gang members is an encouragement to read about and I especially value your thoughts on mission since you’re right in the middle of some intense ministry. Feel free to set us straight if we ever go off course.

  3. Glen Fitzjerrell

    I hear ya on the candle thing…I guess that’s what I was poking a bit of fun at. I also agree with the "program heavy" tag, I like that the emerging church is getting more stripped down and raw. The institutional church, as it adopts emerging church concepts seems to try to simply program it. Ah well. one day they’ll see the light. God is still working on us all.

    Thanks for the kudos on the blog, I don’t know if you do the RSS feed thing, but I just updated it with an article that will soon appear elsewhere. I’ve decided to release the articles to the blog first, that way fellow bloggers can get the scoop.

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