Beginning Conversations

As some may already know, I’m working on a collaborative project of sorts that will hopefully get published in the near future. Right now my proposal is being reviewed and my fingers are crossed. Fortunately I have a few options to pursue, so publication is not dependent on one person alone.

Whatever may be the case, whether I can publish this book or just make it an online pdf, I would like to gather as many comments on the material as possible. I have created a blog called Beginning Conversations and I plan to post there about once a week on topics related to the book. I may even include snippets from chapters for review and comment. In other words, the book will be a partial blog. You can read more about the project at the blog. If you would like a full-length copy of my current draft and are interested in sharing comments on it, drop me an e-mail at If you are one of the collaborators, I eagerly await your feedback!

My latest post on the Beginning Conversations site concerns the scope and goal of my project: presenting a useful method of conversational Christian reflection that incorporates God, scripture, tradition, Church, culture, and mission.