In the News

This has really been a catastrophic year. While another hurricane menaces Mexico, over 3 million are homeless in the freezing cold after the earthquakes in Pakistan. I have pasted some links below that relate to a few situations worthy of our prayer today:

Mexico is hit by Hurricane Wilma
Millions are homeless in Pakistan
The Amazon Rain Forest has been cleared far more than we suspected. (Think about the possible ramifications for global climate change . . . Could this be connected with the hurricanes?)

On the lighter side, thousands came to see the death of a renowned seer in India who predicted that he would die yesterday between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 local time (link). With thousands present and a horde of media on hand, he totally blew it . . . and lived. I see this as a lose/lose situation. If he’s right, then he is reverred and people would want him to reveal their fortune, but of course, he’s dead. But if he pulls through and lives, that’s one big black x on his reputation. Who wants to go to a seer who can’t even predict his own death???

In spite of this well-documented failure, many still wanted the seer to reveal their fortune. As if to seize the opportunity to make some long-term clients, the seer promptly predicted that we would like to the age of 90. Ha, fool me once, shame on me.