Bolger, Blogs, Etc., Etc.

(This post has been updated as of 8AM EST on Friday)
Today has been a busy day that included a great conference call with Ryan Bolger (Co-author of Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures“) as part of an ETREK class with Barry Taylor (author of A Matrix of Meanings: Finding God in Pop Culture (Engaging Culture)“) on God in pop culture. Here’s a grocery list of some sites, topics, and quotes from the call.

Though I don’t want to share a lot from the call since it’s an off the record learning experience, Ryan did mention the following thoughts that I think are pretty safe to post here:

Question: What’s happening in congregations?
Mega-church is a boomer model. Integrating emerging with traditional churches have so far produced more stories of frustration than of success. There are trendy services for Sunday night, but nothing by way of alternative communities that are innovative have come about. Perhaps some traditional churches can form partnerships with emerging churches that are reaching new generations. Some ministries are in need of support. The mainline are more interested in the emerging church than the seeker/conservative congregations. The mainline like the UK church know there is a problem.

Even though some Christians have really harped about Starbucks putting a quote about homosexuality on their cups, the New York Times has reported that a quote from Rick Warren has now made it onto the cups.
“You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense.”

Ryan Referenced a church called Tribal Generation in the UK when talking emerging churches. I checked out the site and found that it was pretty interesting. They are not aggressive in sharing the Gospel. Their desire is to live among people who do not know Christ and to let God reveal himself through their lives. If people are not compelled to ask questions or are not seeing God in them, they see this as a sign that something is wrong with their relationship with God and how they are living, not as a situation where the Gospel needs to be presented aggressively. Now that is compelling!

Karen Ward’s ministry came up quite a bit. Here’s a link to her blog.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the pros and cons of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven plan for Rwanda. Read the CT article here. Rick may take some flak from the emerging church because he thinks the Purpose Driven model is the new operating system for the church.