Coming Soon . . .

Time seems to elude me (probably because I spend my free time taking pictures and shopping for a digital camera!) in getting out a post on the power of image and the nature of one’s calling to culture. So in preparation for further exploration, I wanted to throw out a few thoughts for discussion.

Assumption Number One
Christians must be aware of their context and culture. Part of that means interacting with and being aware of entertainment, literature, film, music, etc.

Assumption Nubmer Two
Each Christian/group of Christians has a specific calling in line with their gifts, strengths, and weaknesses to interact with certain aspects of culture, both popular culture and (unpopular?) mainstream artistic culture.

Does that sound right???

Where I’m going with all of this.

1. I find it hard to watch TV and a lot of movies. I want to be aware of the atrocities and problems of this world, but it’s very hard for me to watch a movie like Hotel Rwanda where the images are embedded into my mind and haunt me for years. I do not think viewing lots of movies (at least significant ones with lots of violence) and TV is a good way for me to be in tune with pop culture.

2. God has put a passion for reading, the internet, and now photography in me, and there are very relevant and necessary ways for me to interact with pop culture within each of them.

3. There comes a place where Christians must be counter-cultural. Though there is some value to what’s being said in TV and especially through a number of films, I also believe that we need to critically evaluate the uses and effects of each media form. I see many more drawbacks in the one-way form of TV when I compare it to the interactive nature of the internet. Our decision to keep the TV locked up in the basement is not so much rooted in a desire for piety as it is a decision to counter something in our culture that we feel needs to be reevaluated. The TV may come out of hiding in the winter, but we are using this time to see how life changes without it.

What else needs to be discussed here? What am I missing?